AFC is a company specialised in servicing Air Fin coolers. In 2010 it was founded in South Africa, from which it is in the process of infiltrating the African market. Our services are specialised in the field of air cooled heat exchangers and condensers on which we provide external and internal non-destructive cleaning. Our system on the external cleaning includes only HP water with our AFC cleaning system, which has proven itself in the petrochemical, power and steel industry.


Our internal tube cleaning is a mechanical process (see brochure). By using our specialised AFC cleaningsystem, you will save on resources which in

return will show its benefits in higher profits and higher production output between 10 to 20 %.


Over the years it was proven to keep your Air Fin Coolers (AFC) clean to upkeep its performance. AFC cleaning (Pty) Ltd has a semi-automatic cleaning system which is designed to the high German standards and manufactured 100% in South Africa. Their specially trained teams are providing

the customer with an excellent service in keeping the Air Fin Coolers (AFC) clean by removing with their semi-automatic cleaning system the buildup

contamination by the enormous air flow, which will result in a substantial increase of heat transfer resistance and loss of performance.


The cleaning process is environmentally friendly, during the process there are NO additives added, only the supplied water is used.

The result of a regular service of the AFC:

Professional service of the AFC extends the life span, increase productivity and is saving the environment.

By achieving increased productivity with the mechanical cleaning the Return On Investment (ROI) is achieved in a short time period.