AFC Cleaning are specialists in maintaining the efficiency, and improving the longevity of your Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.


Our company was founded in 2010. We have since created a proven track record of consistently

contributing to the reliability of our customer’s capital equipment in the Energy Generation,

Petrochemical and manufacturing industries. We achieve these results through our specialised service and product

offerings of effectively cleaning the external and internal surfaces of air-cooled heat exchangers and condensers through the

implementation of two methods;


External High Pressure (HP) High Volume cleaning.

Deposits of dust, dirt, grime and mineral scale from the atmosphere build up on the external fins causing reduced airflow and a thermal

barrier on the surface of the fins during normal service. The heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger during normal service thus

decreases over time.

Our specially designed cleaning systems, utilise only HP Potable water as the medium, to ensure the fins are thoroughly cleaned in an

environmentally friendly manner, whilst simultaneously ensuring that none of the delicate fins are damaged.


Internal Tube Cleaning.

This is a mechanical process, utilizing our specially designed ‘Bullets’, which effectively break down the mineral

deposits forming on the internal surface of heat exchangers during normal operation. These deposits, create a barrier which reduces the

thermal efficiency of the tube. 


Regular utilization of these two methods, guarantees the

improved thermal efficiency of your capital equipment by as

much as 20%, and contributes in positively towards reducing

your operating and major maintenance costs over the lifespan

of the equipment.


Highly Trained Service Professionals 

Our equipment cannot provide these results on its own, which is why we have invested heavily in the training of our staff members.

This ensures that any technical difficulties which arise from the challenges of effective cleaning, are dealt with in an efficient and

competent manner.


Advantages of regular maintenance

- Immediate improvement in performance

Immediate reduction in energy consumption

Improved productivity and thermal efficiency

Reduced strain on fan motors and water pumps

Improved reliability

Reduction in costly equipment failures and resulting cost in downtime