Semi-automatic cleaning system for Air Fin Coolers (AFC)

Our cleaning system constitute the following components:

1. Chassis for cleaning system

   a) A chassis which can be used as a ladder can be designed to customer specification

   b) Material: Aluminium and Stainless Steel

       i) The Chassis is guided in a rail below the steam ducts

      ii) The rails are mounted without any welding or drilling

     iii) The horizontal movement of the cleaning system is manual (standard option). If required by the client, a

          fully automated system can be designed

     iv) The chassis is the base for the drive unit and the nozzle beam


3. The Nozzle Beam

    a) Has two rows of nozzles

    b) The configuration of nozzles depends on the type of air fin cooler and the amount of water availability to

        achieve the best washing of the AFC

With our cleaning system it is possible to wash out the known fouling that occurs in Air Fin Coolers

such as leaves, dust, insects, sand, etc.

2. The Drive Unit

    The Drive Unit is a geared motor unit with special pulleys which drive the nozzle beam vertically along the


4. Control Unit

    a) It controls the drive unit and the speed of the nozzle beam

    b) It can be designed to control the High Pressure pump (HP pump) as well

    c) It is equipped with all required safety controls (e.g emergency stop)

5. High Pressure Pump

    a) The HP-Pump supplies the nozzle beam with the required water and sets pressure through the connected


    b) It can be controlled from the control unit (design permitting) or directly at the HP-pump

    c) The HP-pump can be installed to be stationary or movable