The Process

  • We use a specially designed AFC-nozzle system for the cleaning of air fin coolers.
  • Cleaning is done on a consistant pressure and height above the tube fins.
  • We guarantee no damage to the fins during the cleaning process



Only clean water is used during the cleaning process, no dangerous chemicals are used. Our system can be used whilst the Air Fin Coolers are online. Only the fan motor, in the section where cleaning is in process, needs to be switched off


Air Fin Cooler Cleaning



The AFC Cleaning system is built for safety. The operator of the system is never put at any risk by the system. The operator of the system does not work near the water spray nozzles at all. The spray nozzles are not hand-held, but run on a patented trolley along an aluminium frame. Due to the semi-automatic controlled system, the risk factor during operation is very low.


Penetration seen during the AFC Cleaning process

Calcium Build-up

Calcium tends to build up on the Air fins and forms a thick layer. Our cleaning system removes this build-up without damaging any fins.